Where-is-Cloud-Computing-Headed-in-2013Cloud tech or cloud computing is related to the storage of data in cloud means anywhere over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. In other words, you can say that cloud is nothing but just a metaphor for the internet. Cloud technology is everything about moving the content in the cloud, storing it there and running it in the cloud only. After moving your data to the cloud, you can get access to it anytime you want.

Why cloud tech?

Cloud based applications are highly in demand nowadays for the variety of benefits they offer to users. One can use cloud tech for a wide range of uses from data centers to applications over the internet on the payment basis. The cloud based applications are also called as Software as a Service (SAAS) which run remotely on distant computers in the cloud. Generally, these cloud systems are owned by others and they operate it for their customers by connecting to them via internet. A web browser plays an important role in this entire scenario.

cloud-save-byod-tech-nightmareAdvantages of cloud tech applications (SAAS)-

  • easy access to apps and data from the connect computer
  • user just needs to sign up and start using innovative business apps
  • Service can be scaled up dynamically as per usage
  • As data is stored in the cloud, it won’t lose in case of any damage to hard drive
  • Scaling the resources up or down is easy and swift
  • The user needs to pay only for the service he/she uses
  • Self service access

History of cloud tech

The world of internet originated in the 1960th but till 1990s, it wasn’t affiliated with business. When the birth of the World Wide Web took place in 1993, a mosaic named web browser was released for allowing users to see web pages. These web pages involve text and graphics. The web pages which 2a094a2953ed50a9cbdc06de3c7fb0a8were launched in the internet for the first time for business purpose were belonged to the companies using technology and computing.

With the course of time, the internet connections became more reliable and faster and a new kind of company generated names as Application Service Provider. They took control over the business applications which were existing already and operated them for their customers. For this purpose, they buy computing hardware and run the application. The customers are required to pay monthly charge to get access to these applications over the internet.

How does it work?

Cloud tech requires a cloud app to work where the user just needs to open a browser and logging in. within a moment, it will start working.

Along with cloud app, you should open a browser, now you need to log in, and you can now start working. It means the user of cloud based technology can easily get all the required information from the mobile device. Contact notes are available for users always as they are updated in real time. Now one needs not to wait for going back to the office to collect information. On the other hand, sales managers already know that which deals are going to be closed on which date. This whole system neither require shopping any hardware nor to install any software.

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